1% Exercise Progress + Exclusive Coaching


The encouragement, love, and excitement from the email last week about beginning our New Chapter was simply amazing. Thank YOU!

If you missed it, you can check out the blog here.

The energy and freshness I feel right now is special. I’m back in full creation mode with total freedom and with a crystal-clear focus on Education first forever.

As we experience this special time together and gear up to launch our next and biggest program to date, the 28-Day Jumpstart, and 100 Days of 1% Program, we want to make sure our entire community experiences it with us from day 1!

There is so much being launched from February through May and your feedback, story and passion is needed and wanted!

Each week, I’ll be sharing what’s coming next, and beyond our New Program we’ll be launching a global community called the PFC3 Club.

Ok, as Abbi always tells me, bring it back to the main focus right now.

There are 2 things I wanted to share with you today:

First, here’s a video sharing how to diversify, optimize and most importantly, keep your exercise fun. All centered on the mindset of 1% progress. It’s 4 minutes of powerful education so make sure to give it a watch and this is the type of daily coaching our new program will be sharing:

Second, as we did with our world-renowned Body Confidence and 8 Week Run programs, we will be doing two types of exclusive Pilot Coaching.

Our Group Pilot Coaching will be a powerful global pilot that will have everyone who enrolls, experience the PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart First.

Please Keep these two dates locked in – Wednesday Feb 15th and Monday Feb 27th and to get the most up to day information, sign up for PFC3 Insider News at MyPFC3.com/insidernews.

Wednesday the 15th, we’ll be Introducing the NEW Pilot Group Experience and Program at 8PM EST on the MY PFC3 Facebook page, as well as on a Zoom Webinar (make sure to sign up for insider news so we can send you the webinar link)

On the 15th we’ll share how you can enroll and be part of the Group Pilot and then on Monday, the 27th, we’ll all start the 28-Day Jumpstart together with live daily coaching in the New PFC3 Club.

Plus, we’ll be choosing 30 people from the pilot with inspiring stories and transformations to feature in our Book and throughout National Media.

Your Story can be the catalyst to help change thousands of people’s lives.

I’m so excited for the group coaching, and I’m also excited to individually coach 5 people through the new program.

Helping lead group pilots, as well as working one on one with a few clients, really lets us create the most cutting edge and impactful program and book.

If you’re interested in working one on one with me, please email your goals and why you would like to work with me to support@venicenutrition.com.

My bandwidth is tight, so I can only work with 5 clients, but the amazing news is everyone can enroll and experience the Group Coaching launch!

I’m hoping you can feel the positive vibes and the sense of what’s coming.

Forever appreciate you and our incredible community – truly just the beginning!


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