1% Health Progress


Hello Health Champion!

I want to Thank You for the incredible response to the announcement we made a couple weeks ago that I’m currently writing my third book.

The love, support and passion from our global community touched my heart more than words will ever express.

The end of each year always creates a sense of reflection and I wanted to share a quick message with you today with the sole purpose of empowering you to truly make 2019 the best health year ever.

As I’ve made a deep dive into coaching and working with the new Book Pilot group, every conversation, custom meal, exercise advice and sleep strategy always comes back to the concept of 1% progress.

1% Progress makes so much sense, but unfortunately many times a lack of patience and desire for massive action, leads to long term failure.

It’s impossible to maintain an “all in” mindset, eventually you’ll crack, we all do.

The key is to find a balance that will pace yourself, build momentum and lead to real change.

My new book and the next evolution of our program will provide this solution.

But the book isn’t available yet (as you know, I’m writing it now!)

So to help you start 2019 like the Health Champion you are, here are 2 strategies to focus on the rest of December and use to prepare for an awesome start in January.

Strategy 1:  Focus on 1% Progress

Whether it’s walking 2 more minutes a day, getting a mid-morning and mid-afternoon meal in or sleeping 5 more minutes at night.

1% Progress is exactly that, 1% health improvements every day that begin to compound day after day.

These simple habits create the time and space in your life to make real lifestyle shifts.  And with every victory, progress is made, and momentum grows.

Here’s an image and one of my quotes showing the power of progress.  It all starts with 1% Progress and ends with lasting change…

Strategy 2 – Balance Your Quadrant

The pace of 1% Progress provides the incredible opportunity to adjust the other parts of your life to help create the time for your health.

Anyone can get results, the goal is to open up the space in your life so your health is the same priority as your relationships, work and lifestyle.

Only then will you have the foundation to make permanent changes with your food and exercise.

Here’s the image of your Quadrant, as you continually add 1% time increments to your health, see where you can take time back from the other parts of your quadrant.

This type of 1%-time swapping prevents you from already filling up a full life and ensures new health habits and balance.

I want you to know that 2019 can be your difference maker, it all depends on the Mindset you choose and the Balance you create.  The great news is You determine your success.

And as we wrap up 2018, Abbi, Hunter, Hope and I and our entire Venice Nutrition Team want to wish you the Happiest of Holidays.

Thank YOU for being an inspiration to so many. Your health actions inspire and touch everyone in your life.

Enjoy the rest of December and GET Ready for an Epic 2019!

Massive hugs and tons of love,

Mark, Abbi, Hunter, Hope and the Entire Venice Nutrition Team


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