$100 Off Health Coach Cert + Free Book

Hello Fellow Health Pro!

Happy 2019 and get ready for this to be your Best Business Year Ever!

Life to me is about chapters, and every new year creates a powerful new chapter of life, health and business.

Here’s our first 2019 family picture and this New Year’s Eve was even more special since my Mom was visiting from California.

The past few weeks have been incredible family time and also a fresh reminder of why our health is so important.

As you read my message below, please think about the importance of your health but also every client you have worked with and the thousands more you will work with.

We must always remember that as Health Pros we are the difference the world needs.

I’m 46 years old and Abbi just turned 46 yesterday (Jan 7th), Happy Birthday Abbi!

With 13-year-old Hunter and 3-year-old Hope full of unlimited energy, Abbi and I are both crystal clear on why our health must always be a priority.

Being with my mom reminded me of how my dad’s health began to fade when he was in his forty’s and declined each year until he passed in 2016.

Abbi was hit hard this past year when her dad suddenly passed away.

Age to us is just a number, but for many people it can become a reason to accept a lower quality of health.

This is why I created our world renowned 8-Week Program (now in 70+ countries) and wrote our Best-Selling Book – Why Kids Make You Fat and How to Get Your Body Back. 

I wanted to provide real health solutions for busy people and especially busy parents so they can WIN with their health and also WIN at their life and clearly see that AGE does not define you, it is just a number.

What I also know, is that I am just a drop in the health movement, but together we are an ocean.

This knowledge inspired me to create, along with our IBNFC Medical Board, the Health Coach Certification and Training System for our 8-Week Program.

A full step by step system that provides you and your business with a seamless system to create, launch and lead 8-Week Experiences with your clients and/or members.

So, to help Kick off 2019 in style, we’re launching our first ever combo sale- $100 off our Powerful Health Coach Certification and Business System + a FREE Copy of our Best-Selling Book – Why Kids Make You Fat and How to Get Your Body Back.    

The Health Coach Certification is normally a one-time fee of $249.00, but through Monday, January 14th, it’s $100 off for only $149 + a Free Book!

The Purpose of this Sale is to create powerful momentum for your business in 2019 and continue the rapid growth of our incredible Health Pro Community.

The Health Coach Certification and Training System will provide you all the information, support and tools to make this the year your business explodes with nutrition education.

And the book will help guide you on how to coach busy parents to win forever with their health.

If you’re ready to take action in 2019 and take your Nutrition Education to the Next Level, click here to get started

And if you want to learn more info about the Health Coach Certification and Training System, check out all the details here.

Thank You for being an amazing part of our Health Pro Community and I’m so excited to ROCK 2019 together – This is YOUR time!

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