13 Day LIVE MRFK Training Series

Hello Health Champion!

I’m sending you massive hugs from Bangkok, Thailand!

For the last 20+ years one of the biggest requests I’ve gotten has been “How do I stay on plan when traveling?”

So I decided to do a real time 13 day MRFK (mobile readiness food kit) training series as I travel from Atlanta to Thailand to Milan and back to Atlanta, with short stops in Korea and Qatar.

Check out the first two days below and you can follow this LIVE training series on Facebook or Instagram.

DAY 1 – What I bring for 13 days

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DAY 2 – 3 Parts to Your MRFK – Bags, Tools and FOOD

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I’ll be actively replying to all questions so make sure to comment on any video and ask any question.

The goal with this series is to help you master your food and fitness travel system and win forever with your food!

Buckle up and get ready for an info packed and fun filled 13 day adventure!

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