25 Years in the Making…


I remember back in 1996 the beginning of a dream.  A dream that would provide people with the plan, products, and community to love their food, fitness and forever make their health a way of life. 

If you know me and Abbi, you know we’ve stayed true to that dream and vision.  Creating, traveling, speaking, and fighting for a world where your age doesn’t define your quality of health and the concept of dieting is extinct. 

We started Venice Nutrition in 1999, in our tiny little Venice Beach nutrition center, next to Gold’s Gym Venice.  It’s hard to believe that now we have taken our nutrition philosophy to over 65 countries and helped millions of people unlock their body’s full potential. 

This has only been possible because of YOU and special partnerships along the way.  

Change always begins with a story that inspires another.  As the story grows, friends and family become motivated to change.  The media begins to listen and showcase the movement.  With that national and international coverage, companies begin to see the possibilities and special partnerships are formed. 

Six months ago, we began a new chapter of Venice Nutrition.  It was a feeling Abbi and I had deep in our souls, that this was the partnership we worked for over the last 25 years. 

A partnership that would bring everything together and help us truly change how the world looks at food. 

On June 1st we partnered with Kyani and created Nitro Nutrition and created a NEW simple to follow 2 Step Plan, centered on a 21 Day Reset and Monthly Accelerate.

A complete program centered on 5 principles called the Nitro Effect, which is reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, balancing blood sugar, optimizing digestion and supporting collagen resilience.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing weekly emails and blogs on each aspect of Nitro Nutrition, the 2 Step Plan, Cutting Edge Products, Global Community, and of course how it seamlessly connects with Venice Nutrition. 

We will also be kicking off a “Win Through the Holiday Series” starting Tuesday, November 30th.  

But for today, Abbi and I wanted to say THANK YOU for staying part of our community and fighting by our side.  We are stronger than we have ever been and our mission to forever change how the world looks at food is becoming a reality. 

This is truly just the beginning and we’re sending you all the most massive hugs!


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