3 Steps to Balancing Your Meals

Hello Health Champion!

Wow, what a last few weeks!

We had an epic Zen Project 8 and Jeunesse event in Rio with ten thousand of my Brazilian friends and just this past Tuesday I rocked a Yoga and PFC event at Capitol Hill with Hot Yoga Guru Petra Starke.  The feedback in Washington was awesome, we’re making real progress in changing how the government and world looks at food.

And next month we bring our PFC Power message to China!

Here are a couple pics so you feel the experience in Brazil and Washington, DC:

The cool thing is wherever I go in the world, at every event the same question is asked, “Mark, how do I build a PFC Balanced Meal?”

The answer to that question is always, 3 Simple Steps.

So I wanted to bring my coaching to you and share the 3 simple steps to building your own PFC Balanced Meals.

The visuals and content are definitely too much to put in an email, so we customized a blog and webpage just for you.

Dive into your 3 steps and learn the simplicity of building your favorite PFC Meals at home, on the road or eating in a restaurant, and please share this page and content with your friends.

The more we can empower and educate people about winning with their food, the sooner we End the craziness of diets, fasting and carbohydrate restriction programs.

Winning with your Food is all about balance and making it a way of life.

And if you’re ready to WIN forever with your food and take your results to the next level, watch this video to learn more about our different Venice Nutrition Programs and choose the one best designed for you.

As always, thank you for being a powerful part of our Community and remember the Transformation Starts with YOU!

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