50% OFF New Year Certification Sale!

Hello Fellow Health Pro!

I remember our last certification sale back in February 2020. I was leaving for Peru and had so many calls with fellow health pros planning their business growth for the upcoming year.

Then I got back, was preparing to head to Brazil and the quarantines began…

Beginning March 2020, it was difficult to watch so many health pro businesses struggle. We as a company did all we could to help our fellow health partners survive and push through the challenging moments.

The last 10 months are a powerful reminder of why you must diversify your health pro-business. I remember back in 2003, realizing I was only as strong as the time I could coach, and Abbi and I began the journey to diversify Venice Nutrition, expand our partnerships, duplicate our services and stay cutting edge with technology.

Because of those decisions, we stayed strong throughout 2020.

2021 is a new beginning for so many health pros. You have a choice to strengthen and enhance your skill set and seize the moment or fall back to your old patterns pre-2020.

As you know with me, I believe in everyone’s greatness and ability to achieve their dreams. I also know we all need a spark to get started.

The spark we’re sharing this week is a 50% OFF Sale of our two Nutrition Certifications:

Developing a Nutrition Skill Set will empower you to expand your business both virtually and globally. It was clear as day in 2020, the health pros who had a virtual and diverse business stayed strong, the health pros who didn’t, struggled.

And as health pros, we all know our societies health has never been more important than it is right now. Imagine the expanded difference you can make with a stronger nutrition skill set.

I’ve lived in the trenches my entire career, always doing my best to stay ahead of the curve. This sale is a spark for your business and I strongly suggest you seize this moment and make 2021 the Next Chapter for your health pro-business.

And if you’re already a certified Nutrition or Health Coach please join our free Venice Nutrition affiliate program and share this message with your fellow health pros.

Together let’s make 2021 an explosive and incredible year for Health Pros.

Thank you for choosing to be a difference maker in the world and sending you the most massive hugs!

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