A New Chapter Begins


Hello Health Champion!

I remember back in 1999 having a dream to help as many people globally live with food freedom and balance their blood sugar.

Teaching the philosophy that diets will always fail long term, but with the right information, support, and coaching everything is possible with your health.

It’s been an incredible journey and through the years we have helped millions of people live with Body Confidence and experience the PFC3 lifestyle.

And over the last 15 years, being a Spokesperson, Co-Creator of Programs & Products and Leading Global Movements has been truly amazing & life changing.

But with every season of life, new chapters blossom and Abbi and I are ready for our next chapter.

We have decided to get back to our roots of what started Venice Nutrition and teaching Program and Education first and ensure anything we do and partnerships we develop, we’ll always have at least equal ownership in and are fully aligned with the mission of teaching the PFC3 lifestyle and Food Freedom.

We are forever FREE from all spokesperson deals and it feels amazing, honestly it’s the happiest we have ever been.

We now will spend every second of our life the way we want and simply being able to eat lunch with Hope at her school on Friday instead of being on an airplane ✈️ for a company meant everything.

Mark and Hope

Now, with change, comes a NEW fire, a fire that burns stronger than ever before.  Our PFC3 global movement is coming in Bigger and Badder than ever before, this moment has led us to combine a lifetime of global travel, thousands of events & media segments, powerful friendships and an internal drive to once and for all end the dieting madness and empower millions of more people to forever live with food freedom.

We’re so excited for this next chapter and we want to thank you and every single person who has lived PFC3 and walked this path side by side with us.

Here’s a short video just for you, I was spending quality time with the family on Sunday and was inspired to thank you and remind you that you can achieve anything and everything with your health:

And get ready, I’ll be sharing so much in the upcoming weeks, including a special one on one coaching offer for 5 people to work exclusively with me as your coach and experience our:  NEW PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart and 100 Days of 1% program!  

This program is the best we have ever created, and it includes over 30 years of experience and focuses on the entire Body-Mind-Lifestyle approach.  

We created it with world renowned behavioral specialist, nutritionist and one of our very best friends, Carrie Lupoli.

PFC3 Circle

I can feel your energy ramping up and since this is OUR movement here are some places to plug in on social as you see everything unfold from the very start…

Instagram – @mypfc3
Facebook – My PFC3
Community – PFC3 Club – Launching February 15th!

Here we go, the Blood Sugar, Food Freedom & PFC3 revolution is just getting started…


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