Beef vs Meatless Burgers – Which is healthier?


Hello Health Champion!

It seems that everyday there are battles between which is healthier for you – Beef/Bison/Turkey Burgers or the new trend of Meatless Burgers.

We decided to create the “Burger Royale Competition” at HLN and finally dive into the benefits and challenges of both types of burgers, check out the entertaining segment here:

As I shared in the video, choosing your protein preferences is always your choice, whether you’re a vegan, plant based eater, vegetarian or eat animal protein.

Whatever your protein preferences, what truly matters is that you focus on high quality proteins, balance your meals with Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates (PFC) and eat approximately every 3 hours to consistently fuel your body, balance your blood sugar and ignite your metabolism.

Keep rocking your health and go get your Burger groove on!


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