Black Friday Nutrition Certification Sale – 50% OFF!

Black Friday Nutrition Certification Sale

Hello Fellow Health Pro!

As we know, January through May are the 5 hottest months in the health industry. It’s the moment millions of people choose to get serious about their nutrition & fitness and start making their health a priority.

It’s also proven that achieving permanent health success is a combo of food and exercise. Understanding this fact makes it crucial to have a nutrition offering as part of your health pro-business. A combo package of nutrition and fitness gives your clients & your business the greatest opportunity to win!

For that reason, and to help as many fellow health pros take their nutrition education to the next level, we’re launching a special Black Friday Nutrition Cert Sale and slashing 50% off the price!

The Nutrition Certification is normally $299.00, but for the next 5 days it’s available for only $149.50, that’s a $150.00 savings! The sale starts today, Wednesday, 11-23 and ends Monday 11-28 at 11:59 PM EST.

Here are some of the highlights of the Nutrition Cert and a Video showcasing the science behind the course and the powerful skills you’ll learn:

The Highlights of the Certification Course:

  • The science and physiology of the body
  • The importance and necessity of blood sugar balance
  • The complete 411 of the digestive system
  • The hormone pathways, why they are so important and how to balance them
  • The biomechanics of the skeletal system
  • How to master sleep and stress
  • The purpose of supplements
  • How to optimize the body’s fuel pathways
  • The strategies to performing a nutrition assessment
  • The art of sales – it’s about serving, not selling
  • How to customize a nutrition program for your clients
  • The power of communication and the 9 skills to optimally lead your clients
  • How to develop a winning action/business plan
  • Understanding the power of duplicating yourself, building your brand & exactly how to do it
  • Plus so much more!

Click here to learn even more about the Nutrition Cert

And if you want even more info about the certification, check out this video showcasing the powerful science and national recognition of Venice Nutrition and the Course:


Black Friday Nutrition Certification Sale

Click here to get certified today and save $150.00 >

Already Certified?

If you’re already a certified Nutrition Coach, Thank You for being a powerful part of our community! As you know our mission is clear and simple, together we’re ending the dieting madness. To do that, we need as many health pros leading this movement with us as we can. This sale is excellent to share with your fellow health pro friends, just make sure to use your affiliate links so you receive a 20% commission on each sale. If you’re not an affiliate yet, it’s free and super easy to become one, simply join our affiliate program today at this link:

Thanks for being an awesome part of our Community and always leading by example with your health!

Massive Hugs,


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