Cardio before Weights or Weights before Cardio?


Your at the gym with the intention of getting in a full workout; your cardio exercise and your weight training routine.  The question is, “which should you do first?”.  Both cardio and weights are necessary to build lean muscle mass and burn fat to reach your goals.  The way to get the best results?  Weight train first, then follow it with your cardio.

By weight training first, your able to put your all into it, and really make the most of your workout.  If you hit the treadmill or stair climber first and try to follow it with your lifting routine, your resistance workout will suffer. It all comes back to blood sugar stabilization- if you exhaust your sugar stores with cardio first, you won’t have anything left for a great lifting routine.

So if you typically begin your workout with cardio, try weight training first to get a better workout and faster results.  A few tips for success:

-A 5 minute walk on the treadmill to warm up prior to weights, followed by your full cardio routine is ideal

-Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and prevent exhaustion

-If you find that you “crash” mid workout, a few bites of a protein bar will help to restore your blood sugar levels.  And remember that the best way to prevent a dip in blood sugar during a workout is to eat a balanced meal or snack before and after your routine.



  • jenny says:

    Thanks for the help. I’ve always done cardio first and now know why I’m so tired for my weights!

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