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Hello Fellow Health Pro!

We all know with our clients that September is the month where momentum is gained or lost with their health.

Temperatures start to shift, kids go back to school, football parties become weekend festivals and the holidays seems right around the corner.

So much of what your clients do now will determine their next 4 months. September is the month where your clients quickly evolve with their health and build momentum leading into January, or they start their health backslide and January becomes the month they get back on track.

These are the yo-yo health cycles our society is constantly in, which is why a new study by the Medscape Medical News Team, just shared how 75% of adult Americans are either overweight or obese and over 50% are insulin resistant (pre-diabetic) or diabetic.

For over 20 years, Abbi and I have been fighting this dieting madness globally and partnering with passionate, like-minded health pros like you.

Together we are showing our clients how to live with food freedom, reprogram their metabolism and how simple it is to eat PFC3.

Our movement, side by side, is how we forever change the health industry. And as we fight for this change, it’s important that your health business grows with new and exciting offerings.

This is why we are offering a 50% off – 5 Day Certification Sale on our Nutrition and Health Coach Certification ending Monday September 12th.

Both courses will provide you with a new nutrition skill set and the tools to understand how to launch health challenges with your clients.

Whether it’s Fit-4-Fall, Winning the Holidays, New Year, New You, Summer Shape, Digestion, Blood Sugar or Hydration Challenges.

All are theme-based experiences you can lead both in person, online, social channels, in media and workplace wellness.

Here are two great videos sharing the difference between our Nutrition Coach and Health Coach Certification and which one or both will be great for you and your business.

Nutrition Coach Certification Video

Nutrition Coach Certification regular price $529, sale price $264.50

Health Coach Certification Video

Health Coach Certification regular price $349, sale price $174.50

Love changing the health of the world together and Thank YOU for always showing up and being a world changer and difference maker!


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