Defining “What Works” in Nutrition


Hello Health Champion!

Just like you, I’m also inundated with endless nutrition and dieting hype. And the reality is the statement that every type of Nutrition Program or Philosophy “works” has truth to it.

The question you need to ask yourself is what’s your definition of “Works”.

“Works” can mean living for a number on a scale or look, by never eating carbs, fasting, stressing about calories, taking appetite suppressants, etc.. Basically, suffering each day for a look or number

This definition of “Works” is connected to a dieting mindset that almost always leads to rebounding and inconsistency.

But “Works” can also mean, learning about what foods work best in your body, understanding there isn’t bad or good food, just how you define your relationship with it, shifting your mindset to daily 1% health progress, eating balanced as a family, clean and delicious meals, evolving each part of your health into a winning fun lifestyle, etc…

This definition of “Works” is more a full Body-Mind-Lifestyle focus and it’s what I’ve been teaching around the world for 25+ years, along with an army of fellow like-minded health professionals.

The cool thing in all of this, is that you get to decide your next health chapter and what the definition of “Works” means to you.

And to help you with that, I suggest spending part of the weekend, writing down everything you want from your health and the life you want to live 1, 5, 10, 20+ years from now. That clarity will help you choose a path that connects with your short- and long-term goals, not just the moment.

And whatever you decide, my hope is that it’s centered around the concept of balancing your blood sugar by eating PFC3, which is eating a balance of protein, fats and carbs every 3-4 hours with foods that work for your body.

Information is power and since it’s Diabetes Awareness Month, I did a 9-minute video to help you understand what diabetes is, why you need to balance your blood sugar and how your blood sugar affects everything important in your life, to name a few: hormones, metabolism, digestion, energy, mood, muscle, body fat, clarity, cravings, etc…

I also share the inspiring story of Abbi and how she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes back in 2004 while pregnant with Hunter. Watching my wife fight the last 18 years to keep her blood sugar balanced has been one of the most motivating things in my life and driving forces of why what we teach needs to be heard and shared so we can help people live their greatest health.

Now if you’re ready or you know someone ready to get their blood sugar balanced and begin an epic health adventure with 1% daily progress, checkout our different nutrition programs here.

And for all my fellow health enthusiast and health pros, if you’re looking to take your nutrition education to the next level, check out our Health Coach Certification and Nutrition Coach Certifications.

Always remember there are many things you can’t control in life, the one thing you can is how you choose to take care of yourself.


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