Defining Your Health Vision


Hello Health Champion!!

Wow, what a weekend, Hunter got married! YES, you read it right, he’s married!

He’s a free thinking, world traveling, soccer playing machine and for him and Ariana it’s the vision they have for their life.

We crushed their wedding in the mountains, and our family wore many hats, I was the best man, videographer and DJ, Abbi was ordained to officially marry them, Hope was the flower girl, and our two dogs, Snowball and Bullet were the ring bearers!

It was an amazing and life changing day, and as I watched them celebrate, I kept thinking about how Hunter and Ariana have the food education to always win with their health. They even organized a pre-wedding picnic and created balanced meals for everyone.

Their Food knowledge will empower their kids, and their grandkids and generation after generation.

This is what living with food freedom is all about.

But two years ago, before Ariana started dating Hunter, she struggled with food, her body image and had eating challenges.

She simply didn’t know how to make food work for her and thought she had to starve herself and suffer to look lean and healthy.

This is why 85% of girls and women and many boys & men struggle with some type of eating challenge or body image.

Growing up, I saw my mom, sister’s and my dad struggle with food.

As an athlete and fitness model, I let my body control me and thought to look great, I had to feel horrible.

This is all the nonsense we are seeing every day and it’s our life’s mission to change how the world looks at food and empower people to learn, understand and love their food.

And part of empowerment is focusing on 1% progress, so your health becomes part of who you are, rather than something you do.

So to help, here’s a quick 1% Coaching video diving into 4 things to crush over the weekend:

  1. Define Your Health Vision
  2. See Food as your Foundation
  3. Move Your Body
  4. Keep Learning

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