Do I Need a Heart Rate Monitor?


One of our goals at Venice Nutrition is to teach you how to use your time efficiently, particularly when your working out.  Let’s face it; time is precious and if your taking an hour out of your day to invest in your body and health you should learn how to make every minute count. 

So why is a heart rate monitor so important?  Have you ever seen someone at the gym who trains every day yet their body never changes? Maybe he or she slaves away on the treadmill or in an aerobics class with no noticable results?  This is a great example of someone not using their time efficiently.  A heart rate monitor can help you to avoid this!

A heart rate monitor is typically a chest or wrist strap along with a “watch” that reads your heart beats per minute.  By monitoring your heart rate and staying in your individual “heart rate zone” you can ensure that you are breaking down body fat and protecting your hard earned lean muscle mass.  This is called red fiber of fat burning training, meaning training at a pace that you are breaking a great sweat but not out of breath.  Your individual target heart rate is given to you inside your personal plan.

We also need to train our “fast twitch” muscle fibers otherwise known as white fiber training.  This includes interval training; which can have a major and positive affect on your results, but only if done correctly.  Your heart rate monitor ensures that you are hitting the right intervals and making the most of the workout. 

See your personalized plan to get your target heart rate and make sure to read the cardiovascular sections in your online manual to learn how to perform both fat burning and interval training corrrectly.  Remember your time is important, and your results depend on it!



  • John says:

    Does anyone know the best brand of heart rate monitor to use? Also, should I get a chest strap w/ the watch or just the wrist/watch- which one reads best???

  • Mike says:

    I heard the chest strap is more effective- close to the heart. I bought one for $50 and it works well- doesn’t have any of the unneccessary gadgets, but I didn’t need them and wanted a good price

  • Steven says:

    I think the brand is Polar with chest strap that works well- inexpensive too

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