Does Your Health Program Pass the Dieting Litmus Test?


This time of year always gets to me. It reminds me of the pain and frustration my mom went through as a chronic dieter. Always thinking she found a magic solution for her weight challenges, but then a few months later being let down when every pound came back, plus some.

Watching my mom struggle with the cycle of yo-yo dieting left a powerful impression and became my first catalyst to fight the battle to end dieting and truly empower people to win with their health.

January and February are the times of the year when dieting hype is at its highest and false promises can be seen on every social media feed.

My goal with this blog is simple, I want to walk you through the 3 Steps you should take before committing to any health program.

Think about these steps as your “Dieting Litmus Test”. If the program passes the test, it’s not a diet, but if it fails the test, you know the truth, it’s a diet and run away from it as fast as possible.

And because we all learn differently, some of us love watching videos and some of us love reading an article, I’ve shared both types of content for you to dive into and share with your friends.

If you want to read about the 3 Steps to the “Dieting Litmus Test” check out my article below, but if you prefer watching a video to reading, check out the info packed video here

Let’s dive into Your “Dieting Litmus Test”

STEP 1 – Ask Yourself Three Direct Questions

The fastest way to expose a diet or miracle supplement is by simply asking yourself three simple questions:

  1. Is my program based on science? If it’s based on science it should work for ALL goal types, not just people who want to lose weight.
  2. Can I do my program for the rest of my life?
  3. Would I put a kid on the program?

Here are two images that ask those 3 same questions:

3 Questions to Ask Yourself
Adults & Kids - Same Digestive System

STEP 2 – Understand the Science of Your Body

Dieting is designed to restrict caloric intake and trigger your body to lose weight by deprivation. When is restriction and deprivation a good thing in life? This is why dieting goes against the science of your body.

This image shows the yo-yo dieting cycle and exactly why your body always regains everything pound it loses, plus some.


And if you want learn the exact science why diets fail, check out this article I wrote.

Your body is a re-fuel as it goes machine, which means instead of looking at food to lose weight, focus on using food to create hormonal balance by stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

Here are two great images that show the science behind balancing your blood sugar:


And if you want to learn the science of blood sugar balance and how to Eat PFC every 3 check out this article.

STEP 3 – Learn the Tools to Expose the Dieting Hype

Once you have Step 1 and 2 down, you are set up to expose all diets and products that promote dieting. Typically, there are three main categories of diets and dieting products:

  • Calorie Deprivation, Intermittent Fasting, Appetite suppressants/Aggressive Fat Burners
    • This category falls into the classic dieting concept. Drastically cut calories by fasting or skipping meals and get a result. Appetite suppressants/fat burners, attack your adrenal gland to over release adrenaline and suppress your appetite. You will lose weight, burn some fat, but unfortunately also burn muscle which will slow down your metabolism. Then once you achieve your result, you’ll go back to your normal eating habits and gain everything back plus some, with a slower metabolism.
  • Carbohydrate Blockers
    • Carb blockers are designed to interfere with your digestive enzymes that digest carbohydrates. The thought process is if you can’t digest carbs, you can over eat and still lose weight and prevent the carbs from storing as fat and spiking your blood sugar. This is definitely not something that will help you win with your health. It promotes unhealthy habits and we don’t know the short term and long-term digestive challenges that can occur when to many carb blockers are taken.
  • Ketogenic Diets and Ketosis Pills
    • Your body is physiologically designed to utilize glucose to make your body’s main source of energy source called ATP. Ketosis is when you stop eating carbohydrates (1 of the 3 macronutrients your body needs to make energy) and is forced to use keto acids for fuel, instead of glucose. This will work for a moment in time, but you will lose fat and muscle, which makes you look like a leaner, less toned version of yourself. Then the moment you add carbohydrates back in, your body will kick into a powerful fat storing machine.

You now have the knowledge to win with your health and prevent a dreaded walk down the dieting path.

Please share this article with someone you know it will help. Education and empowering one another is truly how we change the world and end the dieting madness forever!

And if you want to learn even more than this article shared, dive into the Facebook Live I did, which shares even more content:


Always remember that there are many things you can’t control in this world, the one thing you can is how you choose to take of yourself.


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