EAT Carbs! They are Great for You


Hello Health Champion!

I hope you had a Fantastic 4th of July! We barbecued and experienced amazing Fireworks at Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom.

We’re having a blast on our Epic Annual Disney Camping Adventure – here are a few pics so you can feel the energy!

Macdonalds at Disney

Since we’ve been at Disney I keep hearing people talking about Carbohydrates.

Are they good?
Should I avoid them?
What exactly are carbs?

There is SO much confusion about carbs, so to help you sort through all the misinformation I wanted to send you a quick message today sharing two videos and an article to help educate you about the Power of Carbs.

This info will show you exactly why Eating high quality carbohydrates are Key to achieving your health goals and feeling your best.

Dive into this info and make sure to get your High Quality Carb Groove on!

Watch this video to learn exactly why your body needs carbs to optimally function.

Read this article to learn about the 3 types of carbs and what your portions should be per meal.

Check out this video to learn exactly why No Carb diets and intermittent fasting are so bad for your body and are lacking in science.

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