Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner

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I’m a huge fan of eggs because they are a great source of
protein and fat, they’re inexpensive and quick to make.  I find that so many of my clients don’t utilize
eggs enough in their diet so I wanted to share some creative ways to enjoy
them.  Breakfast is obvious- scrambled,
omelets, sunny side- up, etc.  But how
about a breakfast burrito?  Wrap cooked
eggs in a whole wheat tortilla with cheese, veggies, and salsa.  Roll in foil and you’ve got a meal on the
go.  I also love to scramble eggs with
brown rice, low sodium soy sauce, a little peanut oil and chopped carrots,
onions and peas for a quick “fried rice”. 
And who says you can’t serve a big omelet with whole wheat pancakes for
dinner?  Kids love it, and it’s an easy
meal anyone can make.  Please share your
favorite egg recipes!


-Venice Nutrition  Head Chef,   Valerie Cogswell   



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