Encouraging your family and children to eat well


A balanced diet is critical for everyone, including children, for long term health and weight management. By learning how to stabilize your blood sugar and eat correctly, you can easily pass on your knowledge of great nutrition and health to your family.

Teaching your children how to balance their meals by showing them examples of protein, carbohydrates and fat, is a simple and fun way that you can educate him or her on how to eat correctly. Please keep in mind that a child does not need to count grams of protein, carbohydrate and fat or follow strict nutritional parameters. The goal is to teach them how to create somewhat balanced meals. For example, instead of a handful of crackers as a snack, teach your child to include a string cheese on the side for protein and fat. Also encourage your child to eat frequently to keep energy high and prevent low blood sugar.

Another great exercise to teach children is how to incorporate higher quality foods into their every day diet. For example, whole wheat bread in place of white bread will add a boost of fiber, vitamins and minerals and will keep your child satisfied longer. Low sodium and low fat deli meats, such as low sodium turkey and ham, are great replacements for bologna and salami. Lunchbox snacks such as fruit and nuts are healthy options that pair nicely with a sandwich.

Water and low sugar drinks will keep your child hydrated without elevating their blood sugar levels. Protein Smoothies made with skim milk and fruit and peanut butter or nuts are a quick and tasty snack for children as well.

Dinner with the family is the perfect time to create a balanced meal. If for instance, you have prepared pasta and marinara sauce for dinner, please make sure to add a high quality protein such as grilled chicken, to the meal. Please see the Forum Tab for great recipes that you can share with your family.



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