Fight For Your Health


Hello Health Champion!

I was riding bikes with Hunter yesterday and it was an awesome reminder of why I fight for my health.

On my desk sits four pictures.

One of me and my dad when I was Hunter’s age

One of me and Hunter when he turned 15 in February

One of Hunter, Hope and our dogs

One of Abbi, Hunter and me

I cherish the picture with my dad because it was one of the final memories I have of him when he seemed healthy and strong.  Shortly after that picture his health began to deteriorate, and he went down a 25-year spiral of suffering and pain till he passed away 4 years ago.

Every day I look at the picture of my dad and the picture of me and Hunter as a reminder of why I must fight for my health each day.  I don’t want history to repeat itself, I want Hunter to only have great health memories of me and remember all the incredible adventures we had.

I want to be my best for Hunter, Hope and Abbi.  I want to be strong, healthy and fit till I’m at least 100!

You see in these uncertain times it’s easy to lose focus on your health. The stress cravings, quarantine fatigue & fear of the unknown can trigger a health backslide…

But the reality is your health has never been more important.

Regardless of the challenges in life, the secret to staying focused, evolving and WINNING now and beyond is getting clear on your reasons for fighting for your health.

Abbi and  I fight every day for our health  – We are always clear why our Health is our #1 priority.

My invitation to you is use this time to become crystal clear on what you are fighting for and I promise you your next Health Chapter will be the greatest of your life heart yes !

Sending the most massive hugs – Stay Strong and Stay Healthy!


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