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Hello Health Champion!

It’s been a hot, fun and active summer!

September is the month where momentum is gained or lost with your health.

Temperatures start to shift, kids go back to school, football parties become weekend festivals and the holidays seems right around the corner.

So much of what you do now, determines your next 4 months. This is why September is the month where you quickly evolve with your health and build momentum leading into January, or you start your health backslide and January becomes the month you get back on track.

These are the yo-yo health cycles our society is constantly in, which is why a new study just shared how 75% of adult Americans are either overweight or obese and over 50% are insulin resistant (pre-diabetic) or diabetic.

As I shared in my NY Times Best Seller, Body Confidence, winning with your health takes 3 important steps:

Step 1 – Know Your Why and make sure it’s a Heart Why instead of an Ego Why

Step 2 – Develop Your Body Confidence Plan aka “Health Structure”

Step 3 – Balance Your Quadrant – your 4 parts of life

The key is to Always start where you are and imagine your progress by focusing on 1% improvements, this is the mindset that will set a new course to live your greatest health.

So to help you make this the September you remember, we’re doing a special 50% off Fit-4-Fall Member Program Sale.

Whether it’s the Custom Meal Planning System, 8 Week Run or Kid/Teenage Athlete Program – all are 50% off!

Let’s finish 2022 strong and build amazing health momentum leading into 2023!


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