Fitness For Free


No money for the gym?  No problem.  You can get an effective (and free!) workout anywhere, anytime.  All you need to do is get creative.  Below are our favorite and affordable ways and places to break a sweat.

Hit the beach.  You’ll engage more muscle fiber and burn more fat due to the sand’s naturally uneven surface.  Whether you choose a walk, a run or a game of volleyball, you’ll get an excellent workout.

Take the stairs and not just in your office building.  If you have access to a set of stairs like at an apartment complex or outdoor park, incorporate them into your cardio routine for better glutes and legs.

Invest in portable and inexpensive equipment like resistance bands, medicine balls, small dumbells, an aerobics step, etc.  Create a simple home gym complete with a mirror so you can check your form.  You can even pack the resistance bands when you travel or bring to work for a quick mid-lunch workout.  Even a sturdy chair creates a great base for tricep diips, push ups and stretching.

Hiking is a fun and effective way to burn alot of calories and enjoy the outdoors with a friend.

Organize a walking or running group with friends, neighbors or family and hit the pavement.

Workout videos that feature pilates, yoga, ab routines or aerobic workouts are inexpensive and can easily be done in your living room at home.

Remember, you don’t need to invest in a gym to get a great workout!



  • Jerome says:

    Try walking up and down the bleachers at your highschool. It’s a much better workout than hitting the pavement

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  • Sky says:

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