Generating Traffic + Creating an 8 Week Experience


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

Wow! I’m still fired up about the incredible excitement about our New Health Coach Certification. Excited about the difference we are all making together!

I wanted to send a quick note to you to share how each week I’ll be covering powerful health pro strategies to help take your business and coaching to the next level.

I’ll do this by focusing on these 3 things: weekly emails, (like this one), blogs/articles, and Facebook Lives on our Venice Nutrition Health Professional Facebook group.

You’ll have support every step of the way as you unlock your businesses full potential.

Let the coaching begin!

First off, we’ve had lots of questions about the difference between our New Health Coach and existing Nutrition Coach certifications.

Here are 2 easy ways to find out all the info you need:

  • Visit the info pages on both certifications, check out the Health Coach here and check out the Nutrition Coach here. Each page explains in detail what each certification entails and who it’s designed for.
  • Watch this Facebook Live I did, explaining the difference between both certifications


Now let’s dive into this week’s brand new coaching videos, Generating Traffic and Creating an 8-Week Experience.

Generating Traffic

We all know the life-line to any health pro business is generating traffic.

To help, here’s a new video straight from our Nutrition Coach certification, showing you exactly how to generate non-stop traffic to your business.


Creating an 8-Week Experience

If your goal is to launch group coaching and really drive a theme that will connect people to your message throughout your community, then you definitely want to learn how to Create Theme Based 8-Week Experiences.

This New video is straight from our Health Coach certification, showing you step by step how to create a theme based 8-Week Experience.


And if you’re up for some LIVE COACHING tonight, tune into our Venice Nutrition for Health Professionals Facebook group at 8PM EST Tonight, Thursday, November 30th.

I’ll be diving into even more content on how to Generate Traffic and Create an 8-Week Experience.

Our movement gets stronger by the day and Thank You for choosing to make a difference!


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