Thank You for Attending the USPTA World Conference!

Here are 3 free offers to help you build your business, rock your health and expand your brand.

Free Offering #1 – 4 Coaching Webinars

Here are 4 interactive coaching webinars led by Mark that lead you step by step on:

  1. defining your vision
  2. choosing your partners
  3. creating your platform
  4. expanding your outreach

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Free Offering #2 – Your Detox Plan

The 7 Day Detox Phase from Venice Nutritions 8 Week Run digital coaching experience and best selling book, Why Kids Make You Fat and How to Get Your Body Back. This is the first phase in the 8 Week Run nutrition program.

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Free Offering #3 – 5 Steps to Launch Your 8 Week Experience

This PDF leads you step by step through the necessary actions items and tools to powerfully launch your business’s own 8 Week Experience

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