Seamlessly adding Nutrition to your Health Related Business
  • Step 1 – Create and Organize Your 8 Week Experience (length of experience can be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks)

    4 best times to launch an 8 Week Experience

    1. Jan/Feb – New Year, New You
    2. April/May – Get Ready for Summer
    3. July/August – Stay Fit in the Fall
    4. October/November – Survive the Holidays see example
  • Step 2 – Launch your program
    • Take before pictures & measurements
    • Register your clients on the program
    • Leverage the tools

    Your offering + 8 Week Run Plan and Digital Coaching Series** + Support Community

    Recommended price of your experience will depend on your time commitment. Suggested rate anywhere between $97 and $297. These are fees you would charge to your clients and all payments go directly to you

    Two additional tools/upsell

    1. Best selling book, Why Kids Make You Fat and How to Get Your Body Back – complete step by step guide through the entire 8 Week & Thrive Plan.
    2. Have your clients turbo charge their results with the Core & Jeunesse products or an existing product line you prefer and have as a partner.
    ** Two ways to offer 8 Week Run Plan and Digital Coaching Series (visit for all the benefits)
    1. License a Venice Nutrition Practice: Click Here
    2. Join Our Affiliate Program: Click Here

    For more licensing info email

  • Step 3 – Coach your clients, track their success, take after pictures & measurements
  • Step 4 – Evaluate what worked, what can be improved & repeat
  • Step 5 – Expand your team by sharing your success with other health related businesses & health pros

For more information about partnering with Venice Nutrition and launching your 8 Week Experience please email –