Are there any pre-requisites to becoming certified as a nutrition consultant?

There are no official requirements for obtaining a certification in nutrition. The Venice online nutrition certification was designed to provide benefits to anyone, and is especially complimentary to professionals in the health industry, including gym/spa owners, doctors, and fitness trainers.

A background in healthcare or fitness is helpful to understanding the full impact of the metabolic data provided in the certification program, but it is by no means necessary. The more you know about the anatomy and physiology of the body, the easier the course will be to comprehend.

The course is going to cover everything you need to know about the hormones and physiological processes involved in the digestion and absorption of food, as well as the mechanisms for fat storage, and the impact on insulin of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, as well as various combinations of macronutrients.
Anyone who is willing to put in the time to study the information in the course can pass the tests and obtain the certificate. Most professions are not legally allowed to give nutrition advice to their clients without a nationally recognized nutrition certification, so this program is essential to anyone who wants to add nutrition coaching, counseling, or general health coaching to their business.

The Venice online nutrition certification is unique in that it also contains modules on best business practices for individuals and businesses in the health and fitness industries. No business experiences is required for these modules, but experience in training or helping clients will be beneficial in leaning the business processes that will help grow your practice. You will learn how to brand your business and offerings, how to get the word out about your new nutrition counseling, how much to charge for new clients, what kinds of packages to offer, how to partner with gyms, trainers, or others in the health and fitness field, and how to incorporate nutrition into all aspects of your current services.

Nutrition coaching is the ideal service to add to any health related service, as proper nutrition is the foundation for improving the health of every client, but it is often overlooked or viewed as too difficult to teach. Our program will give you the tools to get your clients the best results they have ever had with their diets, and provides easy ways to ensure they stay on plan.

Mark MacDonald is the creator of the program and also includes videos and live webinars that any student can attend to discuss his or her particular business and situation. Venice Nutrition is the only nationally accredited certification program that will provide you with personalized business coaching as part of the nutrition program. It is not an extra purchase.

If you are ready to add nutrition coaching or health coaching to your services, then sign up now for the Venice Nutrition certification program online.

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