What is the average salary of a nutrition consultant or health coach?

How much money can I make with a nutrition certification?

Certified nutrition coaches and health coaches can make between $17,000 and $44,000 per year in a basic role such as a Direct Care Worker, Nutrition Counselor, or Wellness coach. They can make upwards of $71,000 – $103,000 in a medical role as a Rehab Supervisor or Diabetes Health Educator. Job satisfaction measured in this industry is particularly high.

Your earning potential with a nutrition certification is entirely dependent on your position in marketplace.

Here are questions to consider in order to increase your potential income projections:

Are you working full time or part time?

If you are giving nutrition advice from home on a part time basis, you will earn less than if you are working in a full time role. Nutrition coaching is a fantastic business for people who want to work from home, be their own boss, and build their own practice in the spare time. We suggest partnering with full time businesses like gyms and local doctors to increase your potential client acquisition numbers.

Are you working as an individual or company/health or medical practice?

If you already have a role in offering medical advice to patients, then nutrition counseling is the ideal complimentary service to offer to your clients. Often medical cases will progress far better after a healthy nutrition program has been established with the patient. The benefits are powerful.

Do you have any complimentary services to offer your clients?

If have a health or wellness based business that only offers s single service, nutrition counseling is the logical next step as it compliments any and every aspect of fitness, health and wellness.

Do you own a gym or spa or other health and wellness related business?

Nutrition coaching is especially useful to gym owners, trainers, and spa owners. Most of your clients want to improve their physique and get rid of problem areas on their body, and a proper nutrition plan is the foundation for all such fitness goals.

Do you have a medical degree or work in a medical practice?

Doctors of all kinds have found tremendous value in providing nutrition coaching to their patients, as the healing of many common illnesses is profoundly helped by a healthy diet.

Do you have business partners or affiliates?

If you work with other health, fitness or wellness related businesses in your practice, you can offer a finder’s fee to other partners whose patients need nutrition counseling. This is a powerful way to grow the reach of your brand.

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