Why become certified as a Venice Nutrition Coach or Health Coach?

As a nutrition coach or health coach you will have the tools, knowledge and confidence to be successful with your clients. You will learn the science behind blood sugar stabilization, you’ll better understand the physiology of the human body, you’ll know how to coach anyone on how to reach their personal nutrition and fitness goals, and you’ll be able to motivate clients from through every stage of their transformations.

As a nutrition coach you will understand how to give recommendations for:

  • Optimizing sleep
  • Supplementation
  • Exercise
  • Water intake
  • Preventing disease

It’s great for your career because you can:

  • Increase your credibility as a professional in the health industry
  • Open your own nutrition consulting practice
  • Create an additional source of revenue for your business
  • Improve your client results
  • Get more referrals and business

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