Why Enroll In A Nutrition Certification Program?

There are many reasons to enroll in an approved Nutrition Certification Program like Venice Nutrition.

You should sign up for a nutrition certification if you:

  1. You want to become a nutrition coach or counsellor:
    • If you want to help people get educated, eat right, get in shape and stay healthy, then a nutrition certification with Venice Nutrition is exactly what you need. Our board certified online nutrition program will teach you everything you need to coach your own clients and help them reach all of their health and fitness goals. Remember, abs are made in the kitchen!
  2. You want to add nutrition consulting to your existing practice:
    • If you are a health professional or health coach, including fitness trainers, chiropractors, massage therapist, physical therapist, or work in any related health field with clients, then adding nutrition coaching to your practice will create many new opportunities for you and your clients to work at an even deeper and more personal level.
  3. You want your clients to get better results:
    • Nutrition is the foundation for everything that happens in our bodies. Most people are not eating a healthy diet and are exacerbating their existing physical and even emotional problems with bad food. Teaching them to build a strong foundation for their health and fitness with proper nutrition will give them better results in all areas and is the perfect complement to any health focused practice.
  4. You want your offerings to be more varied:
    • Adding a nutrition certification gives you the power to provide a service for your clients that they won’t be able to find anywhere else. The Venice Nutrition system is unique in its position in the marketplace and in its proven results. It gives you another revenue stream for your current clients and a fantastic way to find new customers.
  5. You want to increase the value of your services to your customers.
    • People already look to you as the expert in their life. Now you can offer them even more value with nutrition consulting and the added benefits its brings to their overall health and enjoyment of life.
  6. You want to learn more about nutrition and its effect on the body:
    • Mark MacDonald, the founder of Venice Nutrition, is one of the most trusted names in nutrition in the world. He is not only the nutrition and health coach for many of Hollywood’s top celebrities and TV stars, he is also the health and nutrition expert for major news organizations and a contributor to CNN, HLN, Dr. OZ, Sanjay Gupta, and many more. For practical applications of nutrition science and education, there is no better certification that the one offered by Venice Nutrition.
  7. You want to help your clients lose weight and keep it off for life:
    • Weight loss is one of the largest industries in the world, but it also full of false promises. Protect your clients from wasting their time, energy, and money on the wrong fad diets by teaching them the real principles of fat burning and losing weight. They will be forever in your debt.
  8. You want to help high performance athletes maintain peak performance:
    • If you train or work with high performance athletes, then you must have a solid knowledge of nutrition principles. These high performers require the most accurate education and the most specific dietary recommendations. The Venice Nutrition certification program will prepare you to consult for even the toughest of sports.
  9. You want to know how to cook and eat properly:
    • Muscles are built in the gym, but abs are built in the kitchen. Cooking and preparing nutritious foods in healthy ways is of tremendous value to any client. Giving them the foundation of healthy food allows them to accomplish their health and fitness goals far faster and with far greater enjoyment.
  10. You want to grow your health coaching business and brand
    • Mark Macdonald isn’t just one of the most trusted nutrition experts in the world, he is also one of the most visible. Mark appears on national news every week and showcases Venice Nutrition partners in his national media appearances. If you are looking to partner with a top tier organization to get your name and brand out to the masses, then you’ve come to the right place. The Venice Nutrition Certification was designed to teach the highest level of nutrition as well as to deliver the highest level of business building coaching and resources available anywhere. This is not just another nutrition coaching or health coaching program. This is a cutting edge business with billion dollar brand partners that you can tap into to build your brand.
  11. See the Venice Nutrition Certification

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