Generating Traffic

We all know the life-line to any health pro business is generating traffic.

To help, here’s a new video straight from our Nutrition Coach certification, showing you exactly how to generate non-stop traffic to your business.

In this video, you’ll learn the critical importance of the Lifeline of your business, generating traffic. We start off by focusing on how to create your nutrition coaching packages, prices and how to create a community for your clients. We then dive into how to gain clarity of your message and define your “perfect customer”. We then wrap up with covering how to develop your daily action plan and maximize your marketing strategies.


Creating an 8-Week Experience

If your goal is to launch group coaching and really drive a theme that will connect people to your message throughout your community, then you definitely want to learn how to Create Theme Based 8-Week Experiences.

This New video is straight from our Health Coach certification, showing you step by step how to create a theme based 8-Week Experience.


And if you’re ready to take your health pro-business and your skill set to the next level, check out all the powerful health pro courses and advanced training by watching this video:

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