Join the Venice Nutrition Affiliate Program

Our mission is to change how the world forever looks at food and partner with as many health minded leaders as we can. Our affiliate program is fantastic for all Health and Nutrition Coaches, as well as marketing partners of Venice Nutrition.

Check out the details below of our affiliate program and see how simple it is to join.

This Affiliate program is for Licensees, Certified Coaches, and Active Partnerships with Venice Nutrition.

If you are not yet an active partner with Venice Nutrition and are interested in becoming one, please email

5 Steps to Become an Affiliate

Affilate Program Screenshot

  1. Join the Affiliate Program
    • Fill out the sign-up form for new affiliates: Join Here
  2. Wait for your Affiliate Access to be approved (should take less than 24 hours)
  3. Get Your Affiliate Link(s)
    • Login to the member console using your new username and password: Login Here
    • Click “Text Links” and scroll down – you will see several different links. Each link either goes directly to the VN store or to the product’s corresponding sales page
      • For use posting either link on your website, copy and paste everything within the text area and paste it wherever your html needs to go.
      • To obtain just the URL to your affiliate link that can be used in other circumstances, just retrieve the URL listed within the quotation marks after HREF.
  4. Share your affiliate links all the places you feel will work the best.
  5. Track your sales through your Affiliate Member Console.
    • All commissions will be processed on the 10th of the month for the sales from the previous month. Check, Paypal or Direct Deposit options available.
Here are the sales commisions for our Licensee / Certified Nutrition Coach / Active Partner affiliates:
  • 8 Week Run ($97)40% of sales
  • Body Confidence Plan ($19.95 or $129)40% of sales
  • How To Feed Your Kid Athlete ($59)35% of sales
  • Nutrition Coach Cert ($349)25% of sales
  • Health Coach Cert ($249)30% of sales
  • Licensing Package ($499)25% of sales
  • Co-Branded Nutrition Business ($997)20% of sales

How to become a Certified Health Coach How to become a Certified Nutrition Coach

Want to Offer Nutrition Programs? Here’s our step by step Licensing model
Questions? Email