If you’re serious about building a nutrition coaching business and/or truly diving into the science of the body, then this is the certification for you.

We designed this certification and training to empower you with the knowledge to understand the deep physiology of the main systems of the body, create customized meal plans based on the needs of your clients, master your one on once coaching sessions and successfully run a nutrition consulting practice.

Watch this video to find out the power of becoming a certified Nutrition Coach:

Your Nutrition Coach Certification Includes Everything Listed Below: See more Details

The Five Main Parts of Your Nutrition Course Training Are

  1. Nutrition Coach Certification Course Manual
  2. Access to the Venice Nutrition Customized Meal Planning System
  3. Step by Step Coaching Documents and Videos
  4. Access to the Venice Nutrition Coaches Network
  5. Online Exam + CEC

The Additional Bonus Marketing Materials and Business Building Options Are

  1. Venice Nutrition Marketing Materials and Co-Branding Options
  2. Access to Venice Nutrition Licensing Options

Investment: $529.00

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Five Main Parts of Your Nutrition Course Training
Nutrition Coach Certification Course Manual

Nutrition Coach Certification Course Cover and Table of Contents

This manual will dive into the important information your clients will need to win with their health and empower you with the necessary physiology and communication knowledge to lead them to success.

Click here to see the Table of Contents and the strength of the content.

Access to the Venice Nutrition Customized Meal Planning System

This robust online software system will help you learn how to set health goals based on body composition, easily and quickly exchange foods, build meal plans and understand how to create PFC approved recipes.

Step by Step Coaching Documents and Videos

Coaching Videos Screenshot

These coaching videos and documents will fine tune your skill set and help you master the art of the coach/client relationship. You’ll gain expertise in performing a health assessment, presenting a program presentation, leading client follow up’s, mastering referrals and expanding your nutrition business throughout your community and workplace wellness.

Access to the Venice Nutrition Coaches Network

Venice Nutrition Coaches Network Logo

The Coaches Network is a global support system. It is there 24 hours a day to support you in expanding your knowledge of nutrition as well as to enable all Venice Nutrition coaches to share ideas on how to best grow their business.

Online Exam + CEC

Nutrition Coach Exam Screenshot

There are two online exams for your Nutrition Coach Certification. Exam 1 is a 75-multiple choice, true/false exam and will be automatically graded.

You have 90 minutes to complete the exam 1 and you need to receive at least an 80% (60 out of 75) to pass. Once you pass exam 1, you will have access to Exam 2.

Exam 2 is a more difficult exam and is a combination of multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank and essay. This exam is graded by a Venice Nutrition team member and your results will be emailed to you approximately 7 business days after you submit your exam. You need to receive at least an 80% (80 out of 101 points) to pass.

To view your CEC requirements to maintain your certification, click here

Estimated Time to Complete the Course and Studying Process:

  • The Nutrition Coach course dives deep into the physiology of the body. If you’re a seasoned Health Professional the course will take approximately 14-30 days to complete, approximately 30-40 hours of studying time.
  • If you’re a new health professional or health enthusiast and your knowledge of the body is still expanding, the course may take you 30-60 days to complete, approximately 40-60 hours of studying time and comprehension.

Both exams are based on the Nutrition Coach Manual. The additional tools and videos are designed to help you with optimizing your certification and nutrition coaching once you become certified.

Additional Bonus Marketing Materials and Business Building Options
Venice Nutrition Marketing Materials & Co-Branding Options

Venice Nutrition Marketing FlyersVenice Nutrition Marketing Material

We have many tools that can be customized to your business or remain Venice Nutrition branded. Whether you co-brand or not truly depends on the size of your business and the goals you have with your business.

We created our 8-Week Co-Brand package to immediately provide fellow health pros with a complete turn-key nutrition system after they become certified.

The Co-Brand package goes step in step with the Health Coach certification, but many Nutrition Coaches utilize it as well. Watch this video to learn more about how our co-branding package works. Co-Branding is available for Nutrition and Health Coaches.

Access to Venice Nutrition Licensing Options

You will have the expertise to coach and lead clients with nutrition. Your next step will be deciding how you want to market your business and deliver nutrition programs to your clients. This all comes down you, your goals and the platform you feel will best suit you, your clients and their needs. There are many benefits to licensing with Venice Nutrition and licensing typically applies to Nutrition Coaches, but some Health Coaches choose to license as well.

With your Nutrition Coach Certification, you will immediately teach nutrition and have the ability to customize nutrition programs for your clients:

Investment: $529.00

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If you are looking to run a complete nutrition consulting business either independently or in conjunction with your certification please go to our Licensing page for additional options available to Health Professionals.

Questions? Please contact healthpro@venicenutrition.com