Hello Fellow Pro!

Over the last 10 years I’ve been traveling the world spreading the message of balancing blood sugar and have had the honor to connect and help millions of people.

Many of our fellow health pros have been leading this movement right by my side, together we are all creating the difference.

But as I travel and speak with so many health professionals, I’ve realized that there are some missing foundational pieces which are limiting the amount of growth and success so many Health Professionals should be achieving.

The reality is 98% of health professionals struggle financially.

We are all full of passion, but passion alone cannot build a business.  And because our hearts are wired to give and support people, there is often a guilt associated with asking for money or being properly compensated for our time and knowledge.

Compound that with the age of information and endless free articles, blogs and videos online and throughout social media, it makes it even more difficult to cut through the noise and get your message heard and business to grow.

Back in 2003, I remember sitting with Abbi and talking about the two main goals of Venice Nutrition.

First, to empower and educate the world about blood sugar so we could once and for all end the Dieting Madness.

Second, help fellow health professionals get their time back to live their passion and share their message with the world.  And implement the necessary steps to create a powerful coaching and speaking business that is financially sound and has unlimited scalability and growth.

The Second goal is why I’m writing you today.

For the last two years I’ve been developing a 90-Day Nutrition and Speaking Business System to systematically financially grow and expand your coaching business.

This is the grass roots of building a business connected to the necessary technology pieces to compete in 2019.

Last year I began testing the new coaching system and it has already helped many of your fellow health pros build healthy and strong Six-Figure coaching and speaking businesses.

It is now time to do a full pilot of this full Step by Step System and Business Blueprint.

We are looking for 20 Health Professionals with current Nutrition Coaching Businesses who also are currently or are ready to enter the Workplace Wellness Space.

This will be an intense pilot with one purpose:

To exponentially expand your business financially and help you create a powerful business foundation.

As you saw with the book pilot, I drastically reduced my coaching rate to make it available to all who were ready.

We are doing the same with this Pilot.  This is a full 90-Day Coaching Program with my unlimited support on all levels.  And your feedback matters.

The price of this 90-Day Pilot is also over a 90% discount, instead of the $7500 Business Coaching Package I currently offer, it’s only $500.

It’s $500 because your feedback matters and together we will make the final adjustments on this new system.

Our work together will create the basis of the NEW 90-Day Course and Training we will teach around the world, with each Pilot members becoming one of the Featured Speakers and of course Testimonials.

If you want to be part of the pilot, please order and register here.

Please know that there will be more than 20 health professionals that want to be part of this pilot, simply place your order and I’ll be reaching out to you with the additional items.

If for any reason your business is not selected for the pilot, your $500 will be refunded and you’ll be placed on the waiting list.  I will also be gifting you a business assessment call.

Ok!  Now lets get to the details:

NEW 90-Day Nutrition and Speaking Business Course

This Course Includes:

  • Access to NEW 90-Day Business Building Blueprint for Nutrition Coaching
  • Access to NEW 90-Day Speaking Blueprint
  • 12 – 45 Minute – One on One Business Coaching Sessions with Mark Macdonald (all Sessions will be done Via Zoom – Video Call, so it’s just like you’re meeting in person).
  • This Course can be used for all Nutrition and Health Coach CEC’s.
  • This Course will create the Nutrition and Speaking foundation to create a consistent, solid and strong revenue generating business.

If you’re ready, register here.


I’m so excited for this Next Chapter in Business Development and stay on the look out in the beginning of January when we introduce the NEW Health Expert Community, 2019 will truly be the Next Level for your business.