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Mark Macdonald

A Message from Mark Macdonald, Creator of the Venice Nutrition Program

As a health professional my mission is to Educate individuals on how to work Nutrition, Fitness and Overall Health Permanently into their Lifestyle. This is why I created Venice Nutrition. I understand that there are only 24 hours in a day… and those hours seem to go by very fast. My goal has been to focus on maximizing my time to accomplish the mission I’ve set for myself. Through the years I have met thousands of fellow health professionals with all different levels of expertise who work in all different kinds of Health Related Businesses that share the same goal.

It seems every Health Professional wants to make a greater impact on the world each day and many just don’t know how. I used to be in that same position – first as a trainer, then as a nutritionist, gym manager and owner of nutrition centers. With such a booked schedule, working with clients 10-12 hours per day, 5-6 days a week, I wanted to expand and diversify… but, there was just no extra time. For this reason, another year can pass and frustration will only grow…

Or maybe you’re new to the Health and Fitness industry and your goal is to generate new clients. If this is you, please remember that you may likely become the example I just shared. By being proactive now and diversifying your skill set, you can avoid hitting this roadblock along the way.

Or you could run a Health Related Business i.e. a gym, studio, or doctor’s office and you’re looking for additional cutting edge services to provide your clients while simultaneously leveraging the income from these services against your fixed expenses.

The reality is that we live in a day and age where being health professionals provides us with endless opportunities. Right now, the world is connected. It’s clearly been shown that partnerships are the wave of the future. Companies that have skill in different areas are working together to provide better services for their shared clientele. As an individual, your growth is limited by the time you have to give, when you form a partnership, your growth can be limitless.

Venice Nutrition’s Health Professional Division specializes in partnering with fellow Health Professionals & Health Related Businesses to provide a complete Nutrition and Wellness Program for your business.

We all want our clients to get the best results and we want our business to provide the necessary services to maximize each client’s results. How is this possible without a solid Nutrition plan?

I have learned through the years that when you want to add a Nutrition and Wellness Program to your business, there are specific questions that must be asked. The answers to these questions can quickly provide the necessary data to predict the potential growth and success of that program.

Questions & Answers >>

Please click the link above to find questions and detailed answers about how Venice Nutrition can assist your business in filling its Nutrition and Wellness needs.

Once you’ve read the Q&A, we suggest taking the questions to heart, as asking yourself these questions before partnering with any Nutrition and Wellness Program is a beneficial thing. Sure, all partnerships start off generally positive. Otherwise why would anyone want one in the first place? The issue is that if you never ask yourself these important questions, a partnership can turn sour very quickly. The point is that if you want to keep yourself from wasting a lot of time, ask the right questions from the start.

As health professionals we have a daily choice, to Progress, Maintain or Regress. Typically if you’re simply maintaining now you’ll likely end up regressing.

Just remember if you are not working at your game to the utmost of your ability, there will be someone out there somewhere with equal ability. And one day you will play each other, and he will have the advantage.

– Bill Bradley

former Professional Basketball player

All of our clients want to work with the best, and want to get the best results. Diversifying your skill set and expanding your offerings will provide you with the tools and the platform you need to become the best – giving you an edge against your competition.

Our invitation to you now is to Read about the Venice Nutrition Program and our History, experience the software, explore our business package, learn more about our certification program and our licensing options. Do your research. Also, don’t forget to contact us with any question you might have. Our commitment is to you. We look forward to the possibility of creating a partnership with your business.

Questions & Answers >>

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