How Clear is Your Client’s Health Vision?


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

I wanted to share with you how I always open with coaching my clients.

I’ve learned through the years that their Health Vision is the key to their overall success.

Here is the message and a video of me coaching clients via a Facebook Live, solid example of what you can do with your clients in-person and virtually….

Check it out below – I’ve written it as if I was talking to clients:

I have a quick question for you today, How Clear is Your Health Vision?

As you rock 2018, my goal is to help you make this your greatest Health year ever and to do that you need a Crystal Clear Health Vision.

So let’s get your health vision laser sharp! Watch this Facebook Live I just did.

I shared the difference between living your health journey with Frustration, Fear and Anger, compared to Clarity, Hope and Love for Your Body.

And I cover what steps you can immediately do to instantly focus your health vision for 2018!

Mark Macdonald - How Clear is Your Health Vision

Always remember that with a Clear Vision and Plan, you’ll have the tools to permanently achieve your Health Goals!

Massive hugs,


P.S. – If you’re not already a Venice Nutrition Health Coach or Nutrition Coach and you’re ready to take your business to the next level and learn how to master your coaching it’s time to check out the details of both certifications here.

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