How to Build YOUR Custom Meal Plan


Wow! Monday night was the night I kicked off my LIVE weekly Nutrition and Fitness coaching sessions on Facebook.

As I write my next book, Coach the 40 person pilot group and fine tune the next evolution of our Body Confidence Program, I wanted to include YOU and our entire community in the journey.

So if you’re ready for a Fun and Info packed adventure check out my Facebook page and join our Venice Nutrition Community – each week I’ll be sharing the weekly Facebook Lives to both places.

Here’s the Facebook Live from Monday, I covered the #1 request from clients the last 25 years, How do I build a Custom Meal Plan?

Dive into this power video and learn exactly how to create a 7-Day Nutrition Plan that will Balance your body, Ignite your metabolism and begin the process of winning with your health forever!

And if you want to learn how to use our World Class Venice Nutrition Custom Meal Planning System check out all the details here, it’s the exact system I used in the video.

Buckle up, we are going to have an amazing health adventure together each week!

Thank you for being an incredible part of our community!


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