How to Eat & Balance Your Hormones


Hello Health Champion!

This has been an awesome week!  

Kicked it off with a powerful HLN taping on Monday with super host Mike Galanos and Celebrity Chef, Kevin Gillespie at one of Kevin’s Atlanta restaurants, the “Gunshow” – love that name! 

We talked about how men struggle to share their weight concerns and dove into the steps of becoming body positive.  

It was an info packed segment with real solutions and will air next week, so get ready!

Then my good friend and Disruptive Nutrition Creator, Carrie Lupoli and I rocked Part 2 of our Facebook Live series – Menopause and Your Metabolism.  

This week we talked about how to use Food to balance your body and hormones.  Specifically how to optimize your proteins, fats and carbs.

Next week we’re diving into mastering sleep, but first make sure to watch this weeks coaching to help take your food to the next level.

Keep making 2021 your best year of health!


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