How to Eat PFC at Chipotle


Hello Health Champion! 

Each day is starting to feel like we are getting back to normal life as a society.

We’re definitely not there yet, but 1% daily progress is still progress.

We had some of that normalcy last weekend when Hunter and I had a soccer ⚽️ road trip.  

He had a game in Alabama Saturday and then Tennessee Sunday. 

That’s some heavy travel for 2 days and our MRFK (Mobile Readiness Food Kit) saved us and helped Hunter fuel like a champion. 

But you can’t optimally fuel by just eating grab n go foods, you need some quality cooked and clean protein, fats and carbs.  

This is where Chipotle comes in, Hunter’s favorite restaurant and a perfect solution to eating Clean on the road.  

Check out the video Hunter and I shot at Chipotle sharing what we ordered and how to balance any meal while eating out.  You’ll also find out how his team did in both games! 

And if you’re ready to take your meal balancing knowledge to the next level give this article a read with some cool visuals:


Dive into your food today and this weekend and look out for another email tomorrow. I’ll be sharing how you can shift from Watching to Moving.


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