How To Feel Comfortable in the Gym


If you’ve ever felt initmidated in the gym, you are not alone.  Usually this leads to quitting the gym altogether and plenty of excuses.  In fact, most likely your still paying for a membership that you don’t even use!  Our team have been in and out of health clubs all over the country for years and it’s one of our goals to help our members feel comfortable enough to get their money’s worth at a gym and get in a great workout.  Here are some suggestions.

1. Choose a gym that you feel comfortable in right away. If your new to the gym scene, you may want to avoid a health club that is only geared towards athletes and the same goes if your a seasoned gym goer.  Look for a place that you feel at home in.

2. If you can help it, avoid peak times- usually this is 7-9 am in the morning and 5-7 pm at night.  This is when the gym is most likely to be packed,, and if your already intimidated, waiting around for machines can make you feel even more uncomfortable.

3. Dress for success.  Wear gym clothing that you feel comfortable and good about yourself in.  It will be hard to concentrate on chest presses if your tugging on your clothing the whole time.

4.  Hire a personal trainer or ask the sales team for a free walk through and how to use the equipment.  Understanding how the equipment works gives you focus and confidence.

5.  Find a workout buddy.  Enlist a friend, neighbor or co-worker to join you at the gym for morale, a good spot and someone to talk to.

6.  Bring your ipod and listen to music that makes you feel good and takes your mind off everyone surrounding you.

7.  If you see someone who looks friendly or is doing a unique exercise, don’t be afraid to say hello.  Chances are, if they are a fitness fanatic, they will be more than happy to “show off” their moves and help you.  If they are new to the scene like you are, they will most likely be relieved to find a friend.

8. Write out your workout plan before you leave the house so you have a map to follow and feel like you have some direction.

9.  Walk in with the right attitude!  Remember that your in the gym to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  Your not there to worry about what anyone thinks about you and to be honest, they’re probably not really thinking about you at all because they are so focused on themselves!  One of the biggest misconceptions is the fear that, “everyone’s looking at me!”.  Not true.  If everyone was focused on everyone else, who would have time to get in shape?

Good luck!




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