How to Lead a Movement


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

As a health pro I fully know that burning fire inside to make a difference in the world. We all start out helping one person and then our passion leads us to helping another, and another till we reach a point where we see the possibility of taking our message to the masses.

This is what a movement is all about, and we live in a time when any passionate and authentic entrepreneur with strong content can create and lead a movement.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to live this example. I started my career in 1995 at Golds Gym Northridge, California and four years later Abbi and I launched Venice Nutrition in Venice Beach, CA.

All we had was a vision to empower the world to love, own and master their food.

That vision led us down an incredible path.

Just in the last two months I’ve rocked events and national media in Brazil, Dubai, Russia, Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, Japan and Singapore and heading to Germany today.

I wanted to share this with you today so you See what is truly possible with your career and message. Your message can change the world, as long as you believe it can.

To help you see the possibility of what can be and get started in expanding your brand and business, here’s a Facebook Live I did sharing the 5 Steps to Leading a Movement.

These steps are fantastic to add to your business whether you are a new health professional or a seasoned pro.

Now as you build your business make sure to check out all the cool certifications, licensing, co-branding, business coaching and affiliate programs we have designed specifically for health professionals teaching nutrition.

Check out this video on our Venice Nutrition Health Pro homepage to learn how to maximize nutrition in your business.

As always Thank YOU for choosing to empower people to live their best health.


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