How to Nutrition Coach Athletes


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

Over the last few years I have seen a massive demand for athlete nutrition.

Within this past month Venice Nutrition has become the nutrition platform for RED-LINE Athletics (20 performance training centers throughout the United States focusing on athletic training for kids and teenagers 8-18 years old) AND the nutrition platform for a Cutting Edge and Well-Funded Functional Training APP that will have global release beginning 2019.

Our Kid and Teenage athlete program has also done extremely well with soccer, tennis, gymnastics, basketball, football, baseball and wrestling clubs throughout the USA.

This growth is because there is a strong demand for athlete nutrition and the resources to find them are slim. We have the solution.

This is also why we are launching a 4-Part Athlete Coaching series starting with the content below.

But before you dive into that content, my suggestion is to envision adding athlete nutrition coaching to your business.

It will expand your demographic and greatly increase your outreach and revenue streams.

There are Three Steps to immediately add Athlete Nutrition Coaching to your Business:

Step 1Purchase the Kid and Teenage Athlete Digital Program.

It’s only $59.00 and provides with you a full and complete Info Packed Athlete E-Book, Coaching Videos and Athlete Friendly Recipes. Plus, it automatically provides you with the necessary CEC’s to renew your Health Coach or Nutrition Coach Certification.

Step 2Join the Kid and Teenage Athlete Facebook Community and see how you can build your online athlete community with your clients.

Step 3Once you develop your athlete coaching skill set, Create your own Athlete Coaching Programs and begin your marketing campaigns throughout your community and online.

We also have Athlete Specific Co-Branding Options Now Available – Check out the Co-Branding offer and we can now tailor your brand specifically to athletic clubs and organizations. Experience the cobranding options here.

There you have it! 3 simple steps to add a massive new offering and demographic to your business.

And to get a powerful taste of the training you’ll receive with the entire athlete course, check out the article I just shared today on How to Pre-Fuel like a Champion.

As always, thank for inspiring others to live their best health!

As always, thank you for choosing to educate others on how to truly live their best health!


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