How to Pitch Media for a Health Segment


Hello Fellow Health Pros!

Many of you have asked me about the process of pitching media health segments and developing long lasting relationships.

For me this has been a huge asset to my growth in the health industry.

From Dr. OZ, CNN, HLN, Tennis Channel, Chelsea Lately, Shape Magazine, People Magazine, etc… I’ve literally done thousands of local, national and international radio, print and tv segments.

So, to help you better understand the process, I wanted to share a segment I just did with my great friend Lynn Smith on her national show HLN Weekend Express.

And because the requests to learn how to master media has been so strong, I decided to create a New Business Coaching Course you can check out here.

Lynn and I dove into how easy it is to cut hundreds of empty calories with very simple and realistic nutrition adjustments, without sacrificing the amazing taste of your meals.

As you watch the segment I want you to understand the 5 parts of every media pitch and segment, which are:

  1. Take a relevant idea, make an outline and pitch it
  2. Work with producers and create an outline and visuals
  3. Get to the set and do a walk through and ensure you are connected with the host
  4. Rock the segment
  5. Share the segment to help share your message and show the media outlet your segments are popular

I know it sounds pretty simple, but it’s about being prepared and delivering when you get your moment.

Check out the segment here and keep remembering I didn’t “wing-it”, we were prepared, had a game plan and delivered. Preparation is the key to winning with media.

Mark with Lynn Smith on HLN

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As always, Thank You for choosing to make a difference in the world and inspire others to live their best health!

Massive hugs,



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