How to Stock a Healthy Kitchen

Eating well is simple when you have the right foods on hand.  There are several food items that we consider “staples” in our pantry and fridge.  Bring this list with you the next time you make a trip to the market so you always have the right food nearby; it makes healthy meal preparation alot easier.

The following list allows you to keep alot of food frozen like extra chicken or beef and frozen fruit and veggies.  Many of the ingredients have a lengthy shelf-life so you don’ t have to worry about food going to waste.

Foods to always have on hand:

boneless, skinless chicken breasts, frozen shrimp, lean ground turkey or beef, eggs or egg beaters, lean low sodium deli meat

Fage greek yogurt, skim or low fat milk, low fat cheese, sting cheese, parmesan cheese

whole grain bread and/or wraps, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, unsweetened oatmeal

sweet potatoes, frozen vegetables, and a few fresh vegetables on hand each week, salad in a bag, tomato or marinara sauce in a jar

frozen berries and a few types of fresh fruit

olive oil, nuts, natural nut butter

Pro-Complete Protein Powder and protein bars

Condiments like salsa, mustard, and balsamic vinegar

By having the above foods on hand, you can easily create endless food combinations. For example, the shrimp can be stir-fried with the olive oil, frozen veggies and brown rice. The ground beef can be made into a meat sauce with the jar of tomato or marinara and can top whole wheat pasta.  The eggs and fresh veggies and cheese can make a great omelete and can be served with fresh fruit or whole grain toast. 



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