How to Work Out in the Cold


Hello Health Champion!

If you’re adding extra layers of clothing like me, then you’ve noticed temperatures have dropped around the country and throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Cold weather can be the catalyst that knocks you off your fitness routine, we all know how working out can become that much more difficult with less daylight and the busyness of the holidays.

Let’s also not forget about the extra effort it takes to stay warm in the cold and the daily motivational talk we all need just to suck up the cold and get a workout in.

But this year will be different!

We’re about to embark on a NEW Decade and there’s no better way to WIN through the Holidays and start 2020 like the Health Champion you are then by taking your food and fitness to the next level these next few weeks.

So to kick off my “Win through the Holiday” series I wanted to share a segment I just did on the Weather Channel this past weekend.

We talked about exactly how to Work Out Smarter and more effectively in the cold – Check out the segment here, 5 minutes of power packed info:

Next week I’ll dive into how to master your food at holiday parties, but until then, for this week make sure to focus on raising the level of your exercise– your health countdown to 2020 has begun!


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