It’s Here – Powerful New Kid Athlete Program for You & Your Clients


Hello Fellow Health Pro!

I’m so excited to announce the Launch of our NEW digital coaching series,

How To Feed Your Kid Athlete!

  • Are you looking for a profitable niche in your city?
  • Are you looking for clients who are highly motivated to win?
  • Do you want to work with both kids and adults?
  • Do you want to add additional revenue streams to your business?
  • Do you want to offer a one of a kind service that no one else can compete with?

This new program is dear to my heart, as an athlete, parent to a kid athlete and health expert who’s coached thousands of kid and teenage athletes over the last twenty years. I’ve personally seen the nutrition struggles and misinformation parents and kids are bombarded with every day while searching for real food solutions to take their athletic performance to the next level and get the competitive edge.

This new Digital Coaching Series is fantastic for you and your clients with kid or teenage athletes. Here’s why:

  • It offers nutrition advice specifically for kid athletes.
  • It educates parents and kids at the same time.
  • It exposes nutrition myths that plague children and athletes.
  • It provides answers for busy, stressed parents.
  • It gives you a competitive edge that no one else has.
  • It builds a powerful network of parents and athletes for your business.
  • There is no more comprehensive nutrition platform available today for kids and parents.

The coaching series will take your nutrition education to the next level and for your athlete clients, the series will forever change how they look at food and provide them with the nutrition tools they need to excel in their athletic careers and for the rest of their life.

I also look at this coaching series as an opportunity for you to expand your client outreach.

Your community is packed with thousands of kid and teenage athletes looking for the competitive edge and a solid nutrition foundation will give them that edge. Those kids and their parents are highly motivated to succeed, and there is nowhere else they can go to get this information.

There are 3 great ways you can immediately act on the Launch of this New Series:

  1. Experience the Coaching Series yourself: The entire Digital Series is on sale during this special launch for ONLY $39. Order it today and dive in. Your nutrition skill set will instantly be enhanced.

    You’ll also be available to use the course as your full annual CECs for your Nutrition Coach Certification.

    How to get your full 2.0 CECs: Simply purchase the series, read the e-book, watch the coaching videos, and submit a minimum 2000-word summary of what you learned through the coaching series.

  2. Make Money Now: Use your Affiliate Link to share the Digital Coaching Series with your clients. You’ll receive 30% of every sale, that’s $11.70 per sale!

    Imagine partnering with a sports club, like soccer, tennis, volleyball, swimming, football, basketball, etc… and having hundreds or even thousands of kids take on the coaching series. Just one athletic program with 100 athletes could earn you over $1,000 and by adding coaching packages it could earn you over $10,000.

    America has over 8 million athletes in high school alone. How many athletic teams, clubs, and facilities do you think are in your city for kids of all ages?

    If you don’t have an affiliate link, get one now >

    This will allow you to start selling instantly.

  3. Take Action: Use the knowledge you’ll gain from the course and then add a comprehensive Kid and Teenage Nutrition Consulting Package to your business.

    This way you can utilize the digital coaching series and also provide full one on one support with your kid and teenage athletes! This is the easy way to expand your coaching demographic and greatly increase cash flow and leads.

    There is no better word of mouth than happy parents!

I think we all wish we had this type of cutting edge information when we were growing up and playing sports. I know I do.

How much do you think it is worth to parents to know that their kids are getting the best education and best advantage for their health and fitness now and for the rest of their lives?

The great thing about being health pros is that we can share this information with our kid and teenage athletes and help take their nutrition and performance to the next level. It’s a great feeling knowing that you are helping not only the kids, but their parents as well.

Your first step: Experience the Coaching Series yourself.

Click here to watch our new video sharing the features of this powerful coaching series and get started on the next step of your journey.


Looking forward to leading this Kid and Teenage athlete movement together!

So appreciate the difference you choose to make every day and help people live healthier lives!

P.S. This is set to be one of our most impactful courses ever for your business. Our results working with athletic teams have been incredible, and the referrals from happy clients can easily double or triple your business.

Trust me, no one sends more referrals than parents with athletes. Talk about ideal clients – they hang out every week with tons of other parents with kid athletes!

In short, this is going to be massive for the health pros that jump on this hugely profitable niche.

Do not sleep on this or you may not get access to this limited time opportunity.

Be the first and only health pro in your city to offer this exclusive program by signing up right now, and take care of your annual CEC requirement in one easy step.


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