Kids Korner


As most of you already know, it is easy to forget about nutrition in this fast paced, processed, convenience food crazy world. We all do it. It is easy for other things to take precedence, but if we forget about it for ourselves, we are also likely forgetting about it for our children too. So lets remember some simple things that will not only help to keep our focus, but will also engage, interest, and add to good quality time with our children. Kids love to be involved! They especially love working and eating with their hands. Even if it is not a food they typically eat, I bet you if you let them help prepare it they will. Bright colors and interesting shapes are a bonus. Let them help roll, cut, shape, or mix their foods and I guarantee it will be a success. Try different combinations of healthy foods. For example: Ants on a log. Take a stick of celery, spread a teaspoon of peanut butter in the middle, and add raisins on top. A quick, fun, nutritious snack all rolled up into one! While you are making the snack point out the different food items and teach your child what is good about them and what nutrient they provide to make it a learning experience too!

Nicole Hilburt, RD,CNSD Director of Dietetics



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