Life is YOUR Adventure

Hello Health Champion!!

As we wrap up 2020 I wanted to send a quick message about living your adventure.

We just started our Christmas camping trip through Lake Lanier, Georgia, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and we’ll wrap in Hot Springs, North Carolina.

This pic is from our campsite which overlooks Lake Lanier. The calmness in the water and crisp air in the sky inspired me to share that even though this year has been challenging for so many, greatness is always just a moment away.

Abbi and I often talk about the difficult times with Hope and her development the first few years of her life. We kept working, kept evolving and kept supporting everything to help Hope reach for her greatness.

Last week was Hope’s moment, she did her first Stage Performance at her performing arts academy. She loves to act, dance and perform – what a difference a few years makes when you always believe in the possibility….

Here’s a pic of Hope dressed as Merida from Disney’s Brave.

I wanted to share Hope’s story with you as a reminder that your life is an adventure, filled with amazing times, challenging moments and incredible victories.

The key point to remember is that regardless of the circumstances, there is always an adventure waiting for you to seize it!

Personally, this year has given me such special family time.

After traveling to 50+ countries over the last 5 years with our Zen movement in partnership with Jeunesse, 2020 became the year of Virtual Coaching & Events.

With leading virtually, I was able to experience all of Hunter’s soccer season and help support his dreams of going pro.

Abbi and I were able to camp together, drink coffee together and envision our epic future adventures.

As we all get ready to rock 2021, check out 5 of my favorite pics from our camping adventures.

Each are little memories that we picked up this year, camping gifts from my mom and our family pic (with our friends the Christmans) is from Key West, Florida – our best trip to date!

I hope they each make you smile and bring a dose of inspiration and motivation to continue reaching for your greatness and making your life an Epic adventure.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas – sending the most massive hugs,

Mark, Abbi, Hunter, Hope and the entire Venice Nutrition Team

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