LIVE Coaching – Mindset, Food & Exercise

Hello Health Champion!

LOVE the global ? health excitement!  There is a new Hunger to getting healthier and stronger ??!

Today I’m rocking 8 Zen Webcasts in 4 diff languages (English, Chinese, Portuguese & Spanish) + 5 continents (North America, South America, Asia and Europe/ Middle East & Australia/New Zealand).

And then tomorrow, I’m super excited to Stream LIVE on Microsoft’s platform and share my top 3 Strategies on:

Why Your Health Matters
Strengthening Your Immune System and Mastering Your Food, Fitness, and Health

This is a weekly series called “Lessons in Leadership” presented by Microsoft & Global Leaders Organization (GLO).

It streams live tomorrow, Thursday, April 23rd, @ 10am EST / 9am CST and / 7am PST.

You can Learn more and register for the free training here.

Here we go, NEXT Level and get ready for a massive virtual hug ???!

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