Live Your Purpose


Hey there, Mark here and I hope you’re having an epic summer!

I wanted to send a message reminding you how important it is to live your life with purpose.

I just turned 50 in June and it was a milestone I’ve fought for since I was 16.

This is a pic of me and my dad and shortly after this pic was taken, I watched him suffer endlessly with digestive challenges, internal bleeding and relentless pain until he passed in 2016.

Mark and his dad

I lived two lives with my dad, one where he was my rock, greatest teacher and best friend. And one, where I saw him tremendously suffer and lose his zest for life.

I think about him everyday and so much of his digestive challenges defined the purpose of how I live my life.

Clarity and passion can evolve from pain and over the last 30 years my focus has been 3 things:

  1. Fight for my health everyday
  2. Be the best husband and dad by always leading by example with my health – when you feel good, life is good
  3. Help as many people as possible along the journey

Abbi and I have dedicated almost 3 decades to those 3 things and we will continue until our last breath.

We dream together, we laugh together and we live epic adventures together.

The outdoors have become our families greatest passion… jeep adventures, camping adventures, boating adventures – basically anything outdoors in the mountains, lakes, rivers or ocean we are in!

I’m 50 and feel the strongest and healthiest in my life….

Abbi and I will do an Alaskan RV epic adventure.

Hunter and I will hike the Appalachian Trail.

And as Hope grows up she’ll have a dad that will run, hike, swim and crush life with her.

Here are just a few pics from the year of how we dream and live our greatest health as a family. I’m sharing them as a strong reminder that your best years are ahead of you…

Image Grid 1

Image Grid 2

My message to you today is find your life’s purpose and reach for greatness. Age will never define you – Age develops wisdom and clarity to choose the life you want to live.

And with that clarity new powerful health adventures begin… I’m excited to see you out in the world crushing life and looking forward to hanging with you in the Wilderness, water or trail!


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