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Hello Fellow Health Pro!

I wanted to share an inspiring story with you from our most recent Transformation Tuesday segment on HLN. This is a fantastic example of how to share, produce and promote the success of your clients and introduce their story to the masses. People are looking for hope and the more you can provide your audience with real solutions, the faster clients will gravitate to you and your message and the more lives you’ll help change. I also get you probably don’t have access to weekly National TV, but take the highlights of the video and see how the story is positioned, told and the pictures used. Your clients can do their own video story and along with their pictures and results you can share that via social media, local tv, your blog, website or an email campaign.

Here’s this week’s Transformation:

Meet Maritza Willis, married, 3 kids and a super busy working mom.

Four years ago Maritza was at a cross roads, nearly weighing 300 pounds and feeling she was destined to struggle with her weight and body forever. But at her most challenging time she started focusing on why her health matters and how it’s so much more than a number on the scale.

Watch Maritza tell her story and see & hear how she took back control of her health and lost a whopping 112 pounds along the way, her before and after speaks for itself.

Get ready for a mega dose of motivation!

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